Tässä on yhteistoiminnallisen johtamisen periaatteita ja sovelluksia esittelevä artikkeli englannin kielellä.

Cooperative leadership

– The key to the organizational success and staff endurance

by Asko Leppilampi

In recent years, the concept  of “cooperative leadership” has been utilized in organizational strategies, work environment assessment forms, in the goals and programmes of training events, as well as in numerous speeches given by business executives. On top of these, it is also delightful to notice, that the term has caught on in the coffee break discussions of staff. It is easy to talk about “cooperative leadership” , but what each speaker means by it, is an altogether more difficult matter. In this article I will concentrate on what signifigance cooperative leadership has to the continuous development, learning, and future making of work environments. Is cooperative leadership strategy the right approach?

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